How To: Edit Groups & perform Group Management

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Group Management 

Each group has multiple setting options called Parameters. Editing these values impact the Group as a whole. Another article will address how to edit these values per student, individually. As you review these values and make an edit(s) but decide that you want to revert to the original default value then just click the DEFAULT VALUES option next to SAVE CHANGES. 



This parameter impacts course grading directly. First, read the note below the tab for instructions and setting requirements. Next, edit the percentage settings, as applicable, to reflect how you want learner course work weighted. For instance, if you want a student to take the Benchmark and have their result impact their grade, then use the + button to set the value to, for example, 5% from the default value of 0%. Do this for each weighting item and ensure the total weighting equals 100%. Note: before increasing a value, another value must first be reduced so that the overall percent is below the maximum value of 100% - i.e. begin initially by reducing existing default values to preferred percentages before editing the items that will be increased. 

Next, below the percent value grid, is a field to identify the “MINIMUM SUCCESS SCORE” for this course for all learners in this Group. Setting this percent value will require this score to be obtained before the learner can declare the course as complete, or possibly advance to a next level course. 

Finally, if preferred, enter default Assessment time limits for the Benchmark and Summary Assessment, since these are timed activities. Default values for each of these is 50 minutes. Of course, if left alone and your learners are limited to a specific time constraint then just have them Submit prior to exiting the program and or transitioning to another activity. 

If any edits to these values are made, click SAVE CHANGES 



This parameter has two setting options. First, if the learner is to complete each Lesson Task, and score correctly, before proceeding to the next Lesson then select the check box option labeled Require successful task(s) completion. Next, use the REQUIRED STUDY MATERIALS REVIEW drop down option to determine which learning resources are required, as denote below, before accessing Lesson Task exercise content. 

  • Option 0 – Begin with Task, no study materials are required 

  • Option 1 – Begin with Study Material, complete 1 resource 

  • Option 2 – Begin with Study Material, complete 2 resources 

  • Option 3 – Begin with Study Material, complete ALL 3 resources 

If any edits to these values are made, click SAVE CHANGES. 



This Parameter allows the instructor to determine the number of “retries” when a learner submits practice exercises for grading, as well as allowing or disallowing access to study materials during this activity. Additionally, the instructor can set awarded points for up to three attempts. 

  • Allowed Retries drop down – select from options 1 to 5. 

  • Enable Study Materials check box – select this check box only if study materials can be accessed during practice exercise activities. 

  • Point Awarded 1st try – select a value of either 100, 90, 80, 70, or 60 

  • Point Awarded 2nd try – select a value of either 100, 90, 80, 70, or 60 

  • Point Awarded 3rd try – select a value of either 100, 90, 80, 70, or 60  

If any edits to these values are made, click SAVE CHANGES. 

Objective Assessment 


This Parameter pertains specifically to the summative Objective Assessment activity. Reference Practice section for instruction. 

Create Project 


This Parameter pertains to the optional, activity. Reference Practice section for instruction.  



This section displays the Courses made available as determine when creating, or later editing, the Group. Two specific actions are available – 1) + ADD COURSE, or 2) Edit Course settings (pencil icon). 

  • + ADD COURSE – see image below – click this button to view available products and related courses as determined by the purchased license inventory. First, select the applicable product Category option. Next, select the applicable Course(s) related to that product. Finally, each Course has varying learning “Levels” as defined by its certification parameters. The label and options for this selection may vary depending on your license details. Click the Levels drop down and to define the course content learning level. Repeat these actions for each product category and related course(s) as needed pertinent to this Group. When done, click SAVE CHANGES. 


  • Edit Course settings (pencil icon)  see image below – as noted above in the + ADD COURSE bullet, the course settings Level options may vary based on your product license details. Using the menu options under Choose Level, select the level of learning content applicable to this course for this Group. Alternatively, to remove this Course from this Group, click DELETE COURSE. When done, click SAVE CHANGES 


Great jobLearning product users are now ready to begin using XperienceED and, if applicable, proceed in learning from course content toward industry certification or a credential. 

If you need additional assistance or encounter an error or issue during this process, submit a support ticket to If possible or applicable, attached a full-page screen image depicting the error or issue you’re experiencing. 


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