Importing Users

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Importing Users

Using the Instructor role, the Import Users option is available from the left navigation pane. Import Users is the best way to import a list of students in bulk. This article will document the procedural steps.

➤ Note: If your students are accessing XED through GMetrix, importing users in from the website is not necessary.

Step 1: On the left navigation menu, click Import Users

This page has two menu tab options – IMPORT and IMPORT HISTORY. General Notes instructions are also provided, along with default setting form options and a post import results grid.

Step 2: Review the General Notes. To access the import template spreadsheet, on the IMPORT tab, click on the blue hyperlink labeled CLICK HERE to download the Import template spreadsheet. 

➤ Note: This document will need to be downloaded locally or to a network drive and the Enable Editing option clicked to begin entering data. 

The template spreadsheet worksheet is named ‘Users’, and has the following columns: 

First Name – required field 

Last Name – required field 

Username – required field, must be unique (validation is performed during import). 

Email – populate (use proper formatting) or, if the user is under the age of 13, leave blank. 

Password – required field. 

Activation Code – required field. This value can be different per user row, but must be a Group Key, properly formatted, that originates from XperienceED. 

➤ Note: All fields are required except email. Leave this blank if the user is under the age of 13. 

Step 3: Using applicable data, populate each column accordingly. 

➤ Note: 
Be careful using the Excel Auto-fill feature, especially in the Activation Code column, ensuring that the original value is not incremented or altered erroneously.


Step 4: Save the spreadsheet.

Step 5: Fill in the fields for Language Preference, Country/Region, State/Province/Region, and City. The two checkbox options are optional. 

Step 6: Drag & drop your excel file or click to browse for the file. 


Step 7: The upload will start automatically, displaying a preview of the names and information. At this stage, you can initiate the import process by clicking the IMPORT USERS button to complete the import. Alternatively, you can navigate back to the spreadsheet to correct any issues or errors. After addressing these concerns, repeat Step 6. 

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated 

If preferred, you can also choose to import only the items marked with a check in the Import column of the results grid, which have successfully met the criteria.

Step 8: Success! As denoted via a message bar, you’ll be emailed upon completion of the import – generally only a few minutes – and/or you can click the IMPORT HISTORY tab near the top of the page to view details of this and possibly previous imports. Use the REFRESH button as needed. 

Great job! Users are now ready to begin using XperienceED and, if applicable, proceed in learning from course content toward industry certification or a credential. 

If you need additional assistance, encounter an error, or have an issue during this process, submit a support ticket to If possible or applicable, attach a full-page screen image depicting the error or issue you’re experiencing. 

▶️ Video: XED Instructors Import Users

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